How To Use Our Sampler Kit

Stylish Landing

Spin bag onto the counter.gif__PID:4cb80d88-7ddb-4414-a588-2efa8f39898a

Whether it’s a 180, 260, kickflip or varial, get that bag ready for landing

The Pre-Spread

Open Zipper pouch dump contents on counter.gif__PID:17aeb0e6-f53f-470e-b391-6ffb496f1792

Get all your premium Challenger products somewhere you can sort them

Teams and Alliances

Optimized - Separate into piles.gif__PID:f491bbf5-b5e5-4740-84de-fb4fefda87fe

Put Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash in one pile, the 3 Primos in another one, and the 4 hair styling products in the last one.

Put the shower shit in the shower

Grab Shower trio pile & Put it in the shower.gif__PID:50e22107-7334-4edd-8876-8456b385f0cb

It’s an important step. Throw the packets in the shower so you can use them

Primed for Primo

Put primo on the counter.gif__PID:0b7d9bbd-20b5-46fe-86bd-26250d90b664

Have these ready for action and easily grab-able

Locked and Loaded

Put hair styling product in the drawer.gif__PID:52d13d83-bcda-48ef-b649-a6e8f7b28af9

Hair stylers ready to be called up. Here’s the guide for where to start

Primo Serum First

Over the shoulder face serum on face.gif__PID:201fea54-f8f4-4a96-8b45-685f73ef9df4

Apply gently to your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and face

The Windows - Primo Eye Cream

Over the shoulder eye cream on face.gif__PID:6af1d8ff-c4bc-4e96-b744-fccae8eaa586

Gently, using your ring finger, apply a small amount under your eyes. This is the thinnest skin on your face and will take all the help it can get

Face Pt. 2 - The Cream

Over the shoulder face cream on face.gif__PID:b964a936-afba-4600-9917-f5ee866f4fb4

Apply Primo Face Cream everywhere you did the Primo Serum