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Amazon Smile: Charitable Giving From Everyday Purchases has long been a leader in e-commerce. From the companies roots in a small office in Seattle in the middle of the 1990's selling books on the internet, it has since grown to the behemoth that we know today.

Nowadays, Amazon has just about everything you could ever need to run your life, from inflatable kayaks to paper towels and disco balls (and everything in between and beyond)!

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One of the excellent and very well regarded products available on Amazon is our very own Challenger Blue Matte Styling Cream. We won't pump our own product on our own blog too hard (that would be ridiculous), but we're very proud of it and want to put a link here just in case you'd like to learn more or read some of the excellent reviews on there ;)

With Amazon's Prime Membership service offering Free 2-day shipping on all prime eligible orders, as well as their impressive catalog of products from all walks of life (electronics, personal care, carpentry, and more), we're proud to share our appreciation for something they have done to make the world and even better place.

Amazon Smile is a fantastic program that allows Amazon customers to donate a percentage of every purchase they make through Amazon to the charity of their choice (as long as it's set up on their system). Here's how to take advantage of the program. 

Here's how to take advantage of the program:

Step 1: Go to just like you would for any purchase on the Amazon platform.

Step 2: Once at Amazon's homepage, type "" into the web address bar and press enter. You'll be re-directed to the Amazon Smile homepage to continue shopping.

(Note: You may need to designate your charity of choice the first time you visit the Amazon Smile homepage)

Step 3: Shop as you normally would! Whether you're buying a life jacket, life savers, or the quality style and consistency of Challenger Blue Matte Styling Cream, you'll have a percentage of your total purchase price donated to charity. In our first purchase, we donated to

In our first purchase using the Amazon Smile program, we donated to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital (please follow the link to donate or learn more about St. Jude's). There are thousands of wonderful charities you could support. Please take the time to research and select one that matches your values and does positive work you support.

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With more and more people making Amazon a larger and larger part of their lives (especially with the mobile app that allows you to complete a purchase while sitting at a red light (drive safely!!)), we see a great deal of good coming from the Amazon Smile Program as long as we build the habit of moving from to when we start shopping.

So if you're ordering Challenger Blue from Amazon, please make the most of the charitable giving opportunity of Amazon Smile.

Pretty good program to help bring a smile to your face. Kudos to Amazon for this excellent and straightforward way to give back!

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