Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Primo Trio Sampler Tubes
Challenger Primo Face Serum Tube
Sampler Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Primo Trio Sampler Tubes
Challenger Primo Face Serum Tube
Sampler Kit

Best Sellers Kit

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A $50 Value
+ A Coupon To Save On Any Full Sized Challenger Product

The Everyday Kit


NOTE: LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD - duplicate sample kit orders will be automatically cancelled and will not be included in your order. This is a one-time purchase and you will have no future obligation to purchase our products. Contents and availability are subject to change.

What's Inside

Matte Cream Pomade

Natural / Matte Finish, Medium-Firm Hold, Subtle Scent, Water Soluble (for easy rinsing), and Travel-Friendly.

Matte tube.png__PID:e12cfc2e-a949-4c19-a1a1-37e14552ecb7

Clean Cream Pomade

We made Clean for those with sensitive skin, acne, athletes who sweat, and anyone who may appreciate that clean life.

Clean Tube.png__PID:a0e6a1e1-8150-4719-83f2-fe1c6a5551c9

Strong Cream Pomade

This hair paste is what it says, strong! With a sure fire all day hold as well a slick, shine finish, you’ll have the best hair all day, every day.

Strong Sachet.png__PID:1679d55e-7c1e-4265-8db7-fdcc49d3e8d0

Shine Cream Pomade

Medium Hold, Medium shine traditional pomade, clean & subtle scent, clear consistency so it goes on smooth.

Shine Tube.png__PID:8849de84-802b-4948-a7f8-de3545ede1d0

Tea Tree Shampoo

With premium ingredients and all the things you want in a shampoo, this product will keep you clean and sparkly when you want!


Awesome Conditioner

This awesome conditioner brings the best hydration coupled with an amazing scent. Apply to hair and leave in for a few minutes for maximum results!


Fresh Body Wash

Premium, exfoliating body wash called Challenger Fresh Body Wash. Can be applied by hand or by loofah.


Primo Eye Cream

With Aloe, 4D Hyaluronic Acid, Caffeine, Matrixyl and more, Primo Eye Cream helps hydrate and smooth wrinkles and crow’s feet.


Primo Face Cream

Perfect gentle face cream with Shea Butter, Vitamin E & C Complex, Aloe, and more, Primo Face Cream is your perfect daily face moisturizer.


Primo Face Serum

With premium, blue tinted Copper Tri-Peptide, 4D Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Collagen, and more, Primo Face Serum is our most premium formula and skin care product.


Why your skin will love it

Fresh & Clean

Feel confident no matter where you are. This sampler is packed with all the daily essentials a man needs.

Amazing Value

A $50 value for just $20 (with Free US Shipping)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best Pomade I have ever used

Got the free sampler first, loved all the products. However, the Matte pomade is my favorite. I use it both on my hair and beard, it has a strong hold and blends in perfectly without having any weird residue. Found my new everyday pomade.

Jeremy Errico
Great Sample Kit

I initially stumbled upon this sample pack from a Facebook Ad, but can safely say the products exceeded my expectations. My favorites of the group are the body wash and the shampoo/conditioner combo. I will be purchasing the full-sized products.


Hubby loved it!


It’s an ok product

A Staple In My Personal Care Routine

Highly recommended for men who appreciate both functionality and style in their personal care products.

Frequently asked questions

Any kind you like! With our matte, clean and strong pomades - we have all your bases covered.