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Challenger Men's Primo - Anti Aging Trio - 1.7oz Face Serum, 1.7oz Face Moisturizer, 1oz Eye Cream



Challenger Men's Primo Men’s Anti Aging Face Serum is a premium face care trio that reduces wrinkles, puffiness, moisturizes, and more. This best selling natural ingredients packed mens and womens product minimizes bags, signs of age, crows feet with its vitamin and active rich formula. Fast absorbing and premium quality product. Like other products with retinol, this rich serum like cream is made for the best of us. Vitamin C, copper tri-peptide, vitamin c, 4D hyaluronic acid, and more make this a gem of a product. Hydrated by hydrating ingredients like aloe, your smooth, young looking skin will always be a good thing to have. These products moisturize, work with oily or dry skin (all skin types), and help keep skin supple, taught, toned, and feeling good.

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